We are People of Purpose…
  Our church is built on one unshakable foundation—the reality of Jesus Christ.
  From this foundation comes the simple 5-fold purpose that guides our church:
    1. Bible Study
    2. Fellowship
    3. Worship
    4. Evangelism
    5. Ministry
We are a People of Worship…
  Worship at our church is a celebration!  The minute you walk in the door, you feel the excitement and anticipation, a sense of belonging and welcome.
  You are not a spectator, observing a service conducted by others.  Instead, you are intimately involved in a song of praise for an audience of One. The worship at Grace is authentic, doctrinally sound, and  places focus upon the attributes of God and the redemptive work of His Son.
We are a People of Scripture…
   We believe the Bible is the Inspired, Inerrant, Living Word of God.  It is a gift from God, containing those principles He has created so that we may have Life.  In studying God’s Word, we are not seeking knowledge for its own sake, but rather a vital, practical wisdom we can apply to our daily lives.
We are a People of Grace…
  At our church, life’s most important lesson is revealed: God loves me unconditionally, His grace is boundless, His love always is forgiving, and He has a gift to give to all of us.
 We are People of Promise…
  All of us need hope.  We have built our lives on the promises of a faithful God.  He alone can give us the hope and the strength to create a legacy of faith for our children.